The 928 is arguably the best GT of all time. However, they need repairs like any other vehicle. Our club members bring decade's worth of 928 experience, common and not so common 928 specialty tools along with a lot of fun to help you get your Shark back on the road. Once you have contacted us through the sign up portal and we officially put your tech session on the calendar, here are the things you will need to prepare for in the meantime. (*Please note you must be considered an active member to register for a tech session.) The President/VP will assign a lead technician to help you with your tech session.

You will need to work with the lead technician to make sure everything is prepared for the event.

Below are some things required to make this event highly successful:
  • You need to arrange for a garage or other indoor location (with the appropriate heating/cooling if needed).
  • You need to make sure you have the proper tools for the event.  Club Members have a variety of common and specialty tools (928 Workshop Manuals & technical manuals, Porken liftbars, kempf tool, 32v timing tool & bump stick, torque wrenches, engine hoist/cherry picker, breaker bar, engine stand, engine brace, flywheel locks (manual / auto) and more. If you think you need something – ASK.

  • Purchase all the parts:
    • Parts:
      • Timing belts, tensioners, water pumps, etc
    • Fluids
      • Coolant, motor oil, power steering fluid, etc
    • Preferred Vendors
      • 928sRus (new parts)
      • 928 International (new and used parts)
      • Greg Brown (fuel hoses, Portken Tensioner & more)
  • Provide Basic Shop Supplies
    • Paper towels, shop towels, latex gloves
    • Brake Kleen, hand cleaner, Zip Ties
    • Organic cleaning solutions (e.g. Simple Green), buckets, brushes
    • Disposable containers (oil, anti-freeze, transmission fluid)
    • Sharpies, Ziploc-Baggies, boxes (to sort, tag, write, store parts)
  • Coordinate with club members to ensure all required tools are available or will be provided prior to start.
  • Please provide food / refreshments for the club members (e.g. if it's an 8-10 hour day, donuts, coffee pizza or subs & drinks are appreciated). Some tech sessions last two days.
  • Note: Club members are not responsible if something breaks while working on your car!

These cars are 30+ years old and most of the rubber & plastics are degraded & brittle and nuts & bolts are often corroded in place. We'll do everything we can to prevent these issues from happening, but sometimes things break... expect it.

Remember, YOU will be doing the majority of the work & turning wrenches! Tech sessions are designed for you to learn about your vehicle and the tools needed while club members guide you & provide assistance! Once you learn how, you can then pay it forward to assist other club members. This is what this club is founded on! Finally, have a great and positive attitude! This is the FUN stuff!

When it’s all done, if you feel the experience was worth donating financially to the club, then please do so. No job is too small / no check is too big! 100% of your donation supports the club’s website & email, Christmas party, purchasing club tools, charitable giving and other club events. WE THANK YOU!


Mike Buccicone

President, 928 Buckeye Landsharks

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