928 Buckeyelandsharks - "Best damn car club in America!"

Welcome to our 928 enthusiast portal. We are a diverse group of people with a common interest; Porsche 928. We are based out of Columbus, Ohio but have members located all around the region. Our members not only enjoy driving our cars but racing and tuning them as well. However, when we aren't talking 928s, we enjoy discussing and sharing in our diverse activities.

If you own a Porsche 928, enjoy eating, drinking and discussing cars feel free to contact us and we will add you to our club email list. You will be invited to attend our monthly social gatherings, tech sessions and various other events we have through out the year.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Mike Buccione

Club President 2017

Here's the fine print!

Social Events
We are an active club with various social events. They range from driving tours to gun shoots. This group is about pay it forward and having fun without having to worry about rules.

Charitable Contribution Program
When able, our preferred giving program has been the Arthritis foundation.

Driver Education
Porsche Club’s Driver Education events are more than learning how to drive. They are an event where you master the art of driving in a safe and sane way. Our club generally has an opportunity to join up with MORPCA when they hold their driver education events. If you attend one of these events you will have the opportunity to drive your Porsche on the race track in a high performance manner in a much safer environment than the street. The experience of driving your car on the race track under specific and unusual circumstances will teach you about your car and yourself. Even though the event is held on a race track, it is not a racing school—fun and safety are the primary objectives.

Autocross Events
Autocrossing is a performance driving event and is a safe way to learn how to drive your car within a controlled setting. An autocross is a timed event on a course defined by pylons that test a driver’s ability to control his/her car while learning a course quickly. In most cases there is only one car on a course at a time, therefore, making it safe and limiting the chance of a collision with another car. Autocrossing provides an entrant the opportunity to learn their abilities as well as their car’s abilities. It also offers a chance to meet numerous other people with the same interest in cars and socializing.
We have two members who specialize in autocross and HPDE events.

Fun Runs
Twice a year we gather the troops to drive a pre-determined route. These are blast and don't cost you anything but your time. Do watch out for deer!

Tech Sessions
Our club has decades worth of experience on fixing the various systems on a 928. We love working on them and we can help you get yours back up and running. Shoot us a note through the contact us page!

Club Meetings

We meet the third Wednesday of everything month to hang out, drink and talk cars. Occasionally, we throw in a little club business to keep things rolling.

BLS Web Site
As events come up they are posted on the web site with information pertaining to location of events and person(s) to contact for tech sessions, car shows, etc.

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